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Nude Modelling

Santa's Coming!                                              November 1966

George Harrison Marks used the above photograph, taken for the ‘pocketbook’ Kamera Winter Special, for his 1966 Christmas card.

Peter Henderson, a long time friend of GHM and an expert on the models he used, has written a DVD biography of George Harrison Marks. Like hundreds of the young women GHM photographed who have been in touch with Peter Henderson, I have nothing bad to say about George. He treated me very well. Modelling for George was important to me as it helped me pay my way through art school. Furthermore, working as a model gave me authentic access to the position of the many women who have serviced the figurative practice of male artists from Albrecht Durer to Alan Jones. Women artists who have also worked as models include Artemisia Gentileschi, Suzanne Valadon and Victorine Meurent.

George Harrison Marks and his model

September 1966

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