The Release logo from 1967 to 2010 designed by Caroline Coon.


The first Bust Card in the world!

The first Release ‘know your rights’ Bust Card was published in 1967, a few weeks after Release opened, in time to be distributed FREE at the Legalise Pot Rally in Hyde Park, July 1967. Caroline Coon and Rufus Harris gave out all the cards – they were instantly popular and successful - and they were immediately reprinted, eventually with the RELEASE logo designed by Caroline Coon.

Since 1967 – the Summer of Love - the Release Bust Card, up-dated as Stop and Search procedures and drug law has changed, has been continuosly distributed from the Release Office.

In 2014 the RELEASE BUST Card featured in the 'Making Worlds' section of the DISOBEDIENT OBJECTS exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum.




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